Our Chatty Creatures

Olann’s Corner

Olann the sheep

Hey friends.

Welcome baa-ck!! Are you a fan of all the sheep on the island? They are part of what makes Achill such a unique and special place to visit! Allow me introduce myself. I’m one of the many sheep that live in the Achill Experience gift shop. Even though there’s so many of us here, I still manage to stand out from the flock! If you haven’t met me before, I’m a small but mighty sheep, living in my little mug-house. Whenever I want a change of scenery, the aquarium team will move me to different locations within the store. I know, I’m a bit of a diva! But, with my charisma and charm, I was destined for the small screen. (Phone-screen that is!) I’ve starred in several TikTok’s of my own. Being a busy actor, sometimes shooting dangerous action-scenes, I have many stunt-doubles and extras on-site with me. It can be tiring posing for selfies with my fans, I mean visitors all the time but it’s part of showbiz life and I accept it. And yes, before you ask, Olann is my real name. Its Irish for wool. My parents knew I was destined for big things so they gave me a Hollywood A-list sounding name. I prefer to go by just the one name…like Bono. You may have already heard the excitement around the movies filmed in Achill in 2022. Including ‘Banshees of Inisherin’ and ‘My Sailor My love’. They couldn’t afford me so I had to turn them down!

Now, forget speed bumps, you’re reminded to slow down by the fluffy sheep clouds that cross the roads whenever they like. (Although many seem to know the safe-cross code!) Get behind a whole herd of my relations and you’ll know all about it! You could be driving from Keel to the Deserted Village behind these woolly-jumpers! It’s always a pleasure when boys and girls choose their very own Olann to take home. They’ll often send pictures back of my adventures outside the aquarium! Next time you’re around Crumpaun, be sure to say hello to all my aunties, uncles and cousins that live there for me, wont you!?

Just a moment…’hello…hello.…Is anyone there?’ Ok…looks like the coast is clear. I was just waiting for the Achill Experience team to head home so I could tell you this next part… ‘Shh… not a word now. It’s a secret!’ My aquarium colleagues don’t know this, but when they’ve all gone home, at the end of the day…myself and all the other toys get up and explore. We have so much fun. Staying up all night, doing whatever we want. The rock pool is great fun for a sheep of my size. I can do star-jumps with the sea-stars and crab-dancing with the green crabs. The rock-lobster lets us play horsey on his back too! We even go surfing with the cat-sharks! By morning me and my friends are so tired from the fun. And that’s why toys stay so still sleeping during the day! Did you know that?!

Just a little tip, if you are cuddling up to your own Olann teddy, with your favourite hot drink, don’t forget to take me out of the mug first…. Let’s just say, I found this out the hard way!



Written by Eleanor Hoggard