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Hi my land-loving friends!

Let me introduce myself! Buddy here! I’m a female cat-shark, living in the open-top tank at the Achill Experience, Aquarium. I really am a type of shark found around Ireland’s coast in the Atlantic Ocean! But I also go by the name dog-fish. Are you a cat or a dog person? You can decide what you prefer to call me! I was born prematurely, so I have an extra-special bond with the aquarium team. That means I must be the favourite. For sure!

Would you like to know how I spend my days in the aquarium? It’s pretty fun! I always start with my morning yoga. Bending my neck upwards towards the sun. It’s called ‘upward-facing-shark! Named after me! Visitors think I’m very special for this. None of the other cat-sharks can do it. What can I say? I’m unique!

My long curvy tail allows me to swim and splash around in the water. I have lovely leopard-print style spots just like a cat and they make me the fin-tastic-shark that I am. Even if I do say so myself!

At 3 years old (in human years) I am a young adult. I live with my friends. There’s the other, slightly older cat-sharks and a rock lobster. My best friend is a flat-fish. Splash the turbot. She is what you might call a ‘social butterfly’. She also has what I call ‘FOMO’. (Fear of Missing Out) Whenever groups visit, she loves nothing more than swimming up to the surface to meet everyone! And she even splashes families with water. If she sprays you the next time, don’t worry! That means she likes you!

Another cool thing I can do is make ‘mermaid’s-purses’. These special ‘purses’ are actually eggs. Female dog-fish lay them. Have you seen them on the beach? Yes, that’s right, wrapped up in seaweed or around rocks! I too hatched from an egg like this. I was very cute as a baby, so I’m told!

Baby-shark-doo-doo-doo-doo! Oops that song is always stuck in my head! It’s my favourite! Next time you visit, don’t forget to sing it to me so I know you’ve enjoyed my blog! I’ll be back again soon with more fishy tales! Gotta-go now! It’s feeding time. Mmm…mackerel! …delish!



Written by Eleanor Hoggard

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