While the Achill Experience is currently closed due to COVID-19 government restrictions, our dedicated aquarium team are working hard everyday, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our sea creatures is continuing to be cared for to the highest standard. 

The Achill Experience is always grateful for the kind support we receive from our supporters. Whether it is following us on social media, exploring our online store or just dropping us a message to say hello, we are always thankful that you took the time to think about our quirky aquarium.

Your support has been more important than ever during these uncertain times and, as we are closed, our revenue has unfortunately suffered.  While the world may have stopped, for our fishy friends life continues, and they still need and deserve the same level care regardless of our revenue.

By gifting a donation to the Achill Experience, you can help our fishy friends. No matter how much your donation is, all generosities will go towards the care and welfare of our animals and will greatly help to protect their health and happiness.

 We thank for your support during these challenging times. Take care, stay safe and see you soon.