Achill’s first all-weather visitor centre and Mayo’s only Aquarium.  

The Achill Experience encapsulates many aspects of Island life both present and past.  

Achill Experience lets us help you to explore and learn about many the different species of sea creatures from around the waters of Achill Island and from the World beyond.  

We display many fascinating stories of Achill’s rich and sometimes tragic history.  

We also house the first edition prints of the famous American artist Robert Henri, who lived in Achill during the 1920’s and painted local Children from Pollagh & Dooagh. They are amazing prints and the colours really bring the children to life.

Ráiteas Misin an “Achill Experience”

Is é ár naidhm ná léiriú  a thabhairt do chuairteoirí idir óg agus aosta ar scéalta faoi stair ár bParóiste agus léargas a thabhairt ar an mbeatha mhara, fhairsinge, shaibhre atá ina gcónaí thart ar imeallbhord Acla.

Achill Experience Mission Statement

Our aim is to expose visitors of all ages to stories about our parish history and the rich and extensive marine life around Achill’s coastline.