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Splash’s story

Profile pic of Splash the turbot

Hey aquarium friends! It’s me, your super-fun-flat-fish…Splash the turbot!

You wanna know how I spend my days in Achill Experience?

So, I’m usually the first to wake up in the open-top tank and because I don’t want anyone to miss out on all of our possible adventures, I kindly wake up my fishy-friends. I go for my morning swim, usually with some of my other turbot friends. Later we might visit Flounder and Plaice.

My favourite game is hide-and-seek. And without meaning to brag, being a flat-fish means I’m really good at it. The secret is being able to hide under the sand you see; since my scales already look sandy, I can completely disappear – it’s my super power!

Why I am the way I am…

Recently, I came across some of my baby photos and I didn’t recognise myself; I had to ask my friend Buddy the cat-shark what she knew. She told me something that shocked me; that I wasn’t actually born flat!

‘What do you mean Buddy?… I look so good as a flat fish. How could it be?!’

Buddy explained to me that turbot (and many other types of flat-fish) are born up-right like all the other fish before we go through a special process where we flip onto our side. And even more amazingly, one eye travels from one side of my face to the other! The downward facing side then becomes the belly and loses its scales which is how I became the beautiful flatty that I am now! Isn’t nature incredible?!

When I told my flat-fish friends, they assured me they too went through this change and it is totally normal. Phew! What a relief! There are also fish that are born flat like Rays. Have you ever seen a baby ray? So cute! Like baby ravioli!…

So, let’s get back to me finally! I’ve got some cool moves. It’s all part of my horizontal attitude! Splashing with my tail always impresses my visitors! I also love swimming up to the surface and checking out the crowds.

Gotta-go now! Its dinner-time. Looks like its squid rings on the menu. My favourite!

Splash x



Words by Eleanor Hoggard