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Come and see our dramatized, illustrated presentations to bring our history to life.

Achill’s History Museum

Músaem Staire Acla

Achill is rich in cultural, artistic traditions and history. At the Achill Experience we have a collection of 18 story boards telling some of these stories.

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Boley House Interior

Boley House (Deserted Village)

We have a replica Boley House – this is a structure replicated to look like the houses in the Deserted Village years ago. Step inside and see what is was like for the people living there including artefacts and tools they used for their farming.

Robert Henri Portraits

Robert Henri Portraits

Robert Henri portraits prints are on display in our hall. Robert Henri was an American Artist who visited Achill in the 1920’s and whilst here he painted portraits of the children of Dooagh and Pollagh area.


We have two documentaries to view in the centre

  • History Icon Basking Shark Fishing
  • History Icon The Achill Prophecy
Achill Prophecy

Our 18 History Board include

Áiríonn ár mBord Stair 18

  • History Icon Achill Mission / Miseán Acla
  • History Icon The Deserted Village / Baile Tréighte Acla
  • History Icon Achill Greenway
  • History Icon Charles Boycott
  • History Icon Tatie Hokers
  • History Icon Denis Gallagher (TD)
  • History Icon Lazy Beds/Ridges
  • History Icon Gráinne Uaile & Kildownet Castle
  • History Icon Achill & Cleveland Twinning
  • History Icon Kirkintilloch Tragedy in 1937
  • History Icon Achill Pipe Bands
  • History Icon Coffin Trail
  • History Icon Spanish Armada
  • History Icon Scoil Acla
  • History Icon Heinrich Boll
  • History Icon Dooagh Returned Beach